About The SELFMADE Study

The Self-Management And Dialysis Evaluation study (SELFMADE) is committed to helping people with kidney failure to preserve or improve their health through their own actions.

What is the SELFMADE study?

CrowdOur goal is to help patients develop the confidence to face the daily challenges that kidney disease presents.

Haemodialysis is a life improving treatment for people with kidney disease, but the process can be demanding.

Funded by a 3 year grant from the National Institute for Health Research, the SELFMADE study aims to promote a new renal failure nursing role in East and North Hertfordshire by working closely with:

  • kidney disease patients
  • carers of patients with renal failure
  • renal staff

The SELFMADE study is currently looking specifically at hospital based haemodialysis.

How does SELFMADE affect me?

Apply to join the SELFMADE study as a participant if you are based in Hertfordshire and on haemodialysis.

We are also keen for anyone who is living with kidney disease, either as a patient or carer, or members of staff to get in touch and share their thoughts about the challenges kidney failure causes, and how people with it can be helped to help themselves.

Get involved in the SELFMADE study, both locally and nationally.

Who is running the study?

A team of researchers and clinical staff at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and the University of Hertfordshire runs the SELFMADE study.

Find out more about the SELFMADE team.

How is the SELFMADE study supported?

SELFMADE is funded by a grant from the National Institute for Health Research's Research for Patient Benefit Programme.

The Cambridge South NHS Research Ethics Committee has approved the study.