Work for television

filming for TV

We have worked with TV quite a lot over the last few years, beginning with Mission Implausible for Sky One, Scrapheap Challenge and an advertisement for the NHS.

Our most recent work is for BBC1's Bang Goes the Theory, a science series that started in July 2009. The final episode of the first series, on 5 October 2009, featured some testing carried out at the University, and a rocket-powered railway trolley with a quarter of a tonne of thrust from a rocket fuelled by toffee. A spectacular ending to the series.

ninja nan on scooterWe followed this up with more work on the 2011 series of Bang, where we arranged a tug-of-war between a rocket motor and a jet engine, as part of an article on the Bloodhound supersonic car.

Also during the summer of 2009 we worked on a number of items for Richard Hammond's Blast Lab, a science game show on Children's BBC, made by September Films. Not everything went to plan, but there's some great science covered in the things we did. This was for a double series planned to go to air in early and mid-2010. Watch out for Ninja Nan, as we pimp her ride...

The key to work of this kind is a real understanding of the underlying science, a hands-on approach and also a good awareness of what TV producers want and how to deliver it.

Filming for the NHS anti-smoking TV advert

filming rockets for NHS advert 

film crew for TV