Research into Practice conference

The Research into Practice conference is interested in the principles, philosophies and problems that underpin research in the creative arts.

A biennial international conference

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The Research into Practice Group conference established itself as the leading international event in the theorisation of issues arising from these fundamental questions of research in the creative and performing arts.  

Its objectives included understanding how research contributes to the development of the discipline, and the problem of the relationship of the image, the object, the presentation and the word.

It seeks to facilitate the highest level of debate amongst:

  • professional researchers
  • academics
  • practitioners
  • postgraduate students

Participants are invited to respond to the national and international context, and to contribute to the development of research policy.

As part of its commitment to share the outcomes of its research activity as widely as possible, the University of Hertfordshire continues to publish selected papers from this conference in the open-access peer-reviewed electronic journal Working Papers in Art and Design.

This is the leading international resource for scholarship on issues concerning the development and theorization of practice-led research in the creative and performing arts.