Informing public policy

Universities have a central role to play in ensuring government policy decisions are based on excellent research evidence. At the University of Hertfordshire our academics actively engage with policymakers at a regional, national and global level to address some of the greatest challenges facing society today.

Our research is informing decisions at the top of the current policy agenda. It has shaped policies and guidelines designed by the UK government and the World Health Organisation to promote improved health and wellbeing in young people. It has supported efforts by UK and European policymakers to reduce carbon emissions through encouraging farmers to adopt new land management practices.

We are currently running three policy campaigns to encourage policymakers to act on our research findings:

Public policy and the digital economy

Digital economy

Our research reveals the extent to which an increasingly digitalised economy is challenging employment rights and labour standards...

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Public policy and restorative justice

Restorative justice

Our research demonstrates how crime victims can be placed at the heart of new restorative justice schemes designed to reduce reoffending...

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Public policy and food and public health

Food and public health

Our research shows how the food system can be adapted to promote healthy eating across two vulnerable groups: children and older people...

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