Agriculture, environment and food sciences


Agriculture, environment and food sciences has a strong research culture.

Research in Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Sciences comprises most of the research in Geography, Environment and Agriculture, together with Food research in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Research is conducted within groups supported by academics, research fellows and postgraduate students.

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Geography, Environment and Agriculture

Geography, Environment and Agriculture

Research in agriculture, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and geography is focused principally in areas of crop protection, climate change mitigation, agr...

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Nutrition and Dietetics research

Nutrition and Dietetics research

We are committed to research activity by contributing to the evidence base which underpins dietetic practice....

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Biosciences research group

Biosciences research group

Research in the Biosciences Group focuses on microbiology, structural biology, physiology, cellular genomics and disease pathogenesis....

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Hertfordshire Science Partnership

The Hertfordshire Science Partnership (HSP) is the University of Hertfordshire’s innovative solution to growing research and innovation in Hertfordshire’s life sciences industries. Find out more about some very exciting opportunities with the HSP.