International Law and Politics/EU Law

EU flags (Photo by: EUNAVFOR)The International Law and Politics/EU Law research group is primarily focused on Public International Law, Human Rights, International Economic Law, EU constitutional Law, Legal History and EU Integration.

University research themes

Research at the University of Hertfordshire is organised under 6 research themes as per the University Strategic Plan 2015-20 (PDF - 1.95 Mb). These high level themes address global research challenges which are reflected in research areas and groups at the School of Law. The work of the International Law and Politics/EU Law falls within the following University research themes:

  • Global Economy.
  • Information and Security.
  • Heritage, Cultures and Communities.

School research themes under International Law and Politics/EU Law

Our group is focused on the study and research in the areas of Public International law, International human rights law, Law of International Responsibility, International Environmental law, International economic law, Law of international responsibility, Legal history, European human rights law, EU fundamental rights law, EU constitutional law, EU criminal law, EU citizenship and EU asylum law.

Research group members

  • Dr Virginie Barral – Sustainability / Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Regimes Relations, Normative Interpretation, Responsibility, Environmental Justice
  • Dr Francesca Batzella - EU external relations, EU external policies (energy), EU regulatory governance, EU institutions, international relations
  • Dr Thomas Dunk – Process and Creation of International Law, Individual, Human Rights, Legitimacy, United Nation
  • Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy – Global Commons, Traditional Knowledge, Bioethics
  • Dr Nadia Naim – International Intellectual Property Development, Impact of TRIPS Plus on Developing States, TTIP, Corporate Sovereignty, Investor to State Dispute Mechanisms
  • Dr Felipe Romero Moreno – Online Piracy, Human Rights on the Internet, Due Process, Privacy, Freedom of Expression, ECHR
  • Dr Camille Pommel – Impact of European Integration on Scottish Devolution, Relationship between the Scottish and UK Institutions
  • Dr Ferya Tas-Cifci – Gender Studies, Honour Based Violence, Honour Killings, LGBTIs, Turkey
  • Dr Adrienne Yong – EU Citizenship, EU Fundamental Rights, Migration, Eurocrisis, Euroscepticism
  • Ms Ermioni Xanthopoulou – Proportionality, Balancing, Human Rights, European Arrest Warrant, European criminal justice, Common European Asylum System, Dublin III Regulation