Sustainable Communities Courses

The Centre is involved with teaching on a number of courses at undergraduate and post graduate level, including the Master’s degree in sustainable planning. Dr Parham runs modules on Urban Design and Conservation and on Community Engagement and the Planning System. These, and other short courses may be found on the University Courses page, or use the links in the table below.

Short courses on GIS systems, Urban Regeneration, Sustainable Planning, Transport Policy and Travel Planning, are among some of the topics offered by the Centre in their series of one to three day courses. Our short courses are intended to help create sustainable communities by providing skills including consultation and place making issues.

The Government's planning reforms represent a significant challenge. Last year's programme of short courses on sustainability helped participants get some idea of the skills needed for an organisation to thrive in the restructured planning system.

Our MSc modular planning courses are taught by leading practitioners and academic staff from the University of Hertfordshire.

DateCourse title
October 2017 
20 - 21Environmental Policy and Governance
November 2017 
2GIS: Introduction to Mapping & Analysis 1-day
9 - 11Sustainable Energy
23 - 25Community engagement and the planning process
December 2017 
1 - 2Environmental Management Tools and Methods
7 - 9Development Viability
January 2018 
18 - 20Managing Change for Environmental Management
February 2018 
1 - 3 Agriculture and Environment
2 - 3Transport Policy and Travel Planning
8GIS: Introduction to Mapping & Analysis 1-day
22 - 24Environmental Management Systems Implementation
22 - 24Urban Regeneration
March 2018 
8 - 10Urban Design and Conservation
April 2018 
19 - 21GIS: Introduction to Mapping & Analysis 
26 - 28Water Resources
27 - 28Transport Data: Collection and Analysis
May 2018 
3 - 5Integrated Farm Management
10 - 12Planning, Law, Policy and Practice
17 - 19Integrated Crop Protection
24 - 26Place making and Spatial Mediation
24 - 26Water Pollution Control
June 2018 
14 - 16Ecology and Conservation