University user guides

There are a number of guides available on Staffnet for using the University services; however, we have collated some of this information into comprehensive RDM Guides, as well as guides for some of the new tools for effective RDM.

Useful tools

Data Management Plans

The DMPonline tools has materials online to assist you using the system and completing the templates for research councils; however, our University DMPonline Guide provides step-by-step instructions including how to content your University credentials using Athens.

The Document Management System

How to find it and how to use it - it's all there in our Document Management System RDM Guide.

Remote Access

Whether you're working from home, at a conference, or simply away from your desk, this RDM guide on Remotely Accessing your Research explains each step to getting your devices talking to the University network, accessing your University networked drives, and your University email.


If you're working with sensitive data, then you should keep it encrypted to keep it safe. We recommend TrueCrypt and here's our RDM guide on Truecrypt; how to set it up and use it effectively.


It's time to preserve your data and this is how it's done. It's all there in our RDM guide on the University Research Archive.