During funding, you will need to complete a data management plan (DMP), which describes the lifecycle of your project data. The other areas: starting, working, and finishing, can help you complete the DMP, but you need to consider data collection and the ethics involved at the beginning.

Data management planning

A data management plan (DMP) contains all the information related to managing the data for your project: what data, stored where by whom, how it is looked after and when it is made public. The other areas of this site can help you with the answers, but you should start with a DMP Template from DMPonlineRead more about DMPs.

Data sources

Everyone needs to collect data for their research whether it is images, detections, interviews, quotations, experimental results… the list goes on. Here are practical advice on how to collect your data and where to go for it. Read more about data sources.

Funding sources

Every discipline of research requires funding. Here are some sources you may not have considered including government bodies and commercial funders. You can also find subject specific suggestions on the discipline specific pagesRead more about getting funding.


If your research involves people in any capacity, then you need ethics approval. So here's a summary of the ethics boards at the University, and links and advice on how to get approval. Read more about ethics.