Information webinars

Student working on laptop We will be delivering a series of information webinars.

These webinars are a fully online service and will allow you to find out more about the University from the comfort of your own home.

Pre-departure briefings

Webinar Date Time (BST) Register
Students from India7 August10:00Register
Students from Pakistan7 August11:00Register
Students from Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka7 August12:00Register
Students from non-EU (inc Turkey, Russia, Norway, Kazakhstan)10 August11:00Register
Students from Europe10 August14:00Register
Students from East Asia12 August10:00Register
Students from South East Asia12 August11:30Register
Students from Middle East and Africa13 August12:00Register
Students from China14 August09:30Register
Students from Americas (North and South America)19 August16:00Register
Students East Asia21 August10:00Register
Students from South East Asia21 August11:30Register
Students from non-EU (inc Turkey, Russia, Norway, Kazakhstan)24 August11:00Register
Students from Europe24 August14:00Register
Students from Middle East and Africa25 August12:00Register
Students from China27 August09:30Register
Students from South Asia27 August12:00Register
Students from Americas (North and South America)27 August16:00Register

Other webinars

We also hold webinars on a range of topics for UK and EU students.