About the Digital History Research Centre

de Havilland CampusThe Digital History Research Centre (DHRC) at the University of Hertfordshire is the UK's first centre devoted exclusively to digital history. Our world-leading research in digital public history and historical data mining is coupled with our commitment to teaching and supporting students at all levels.

What is digital history?

Digital history explores the ways that computers and computational analyses open up new ways of understanding and presenting the past. From data mining, to geospatial analyses, to 3D modeling, the computer is providing new tools and opportunities, and the DHRC is at the fore of building that understanding.

The centre offers a crucial space for scholars to bring together their passions for history and technology that is unique to the UK. Our research is making an impact on the ways people find and use digitised historical records, and on how people perceive the study of the past.

What we do

Our teams are working on world-leading digital history projects. These include:

Find out more about our projects conducted in our three digital history labs:

Annual Report

In order to share our ongoing achievements, we've produced an annual report of some key activities for 2015-16.