Learning Disabilities – Enabling Health Inclusion for Service Users

Who should attend this course?

This module is designed to enhance the preparation of learning disability and/or mental health nurses and other health care professionals who are beginning and/or aspiring to actively support the health inclusion agenda within their spheres of practice and responsibility.

Course content

  • 'Policy drivers' for inclusive health services.
  • Barriers and strategies for mainstream health service access.
  • Approaches to gathering evidence for health inclusion interventions.
  • Presentation and marketing of health inclusion initiatives.

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How does this course map the NHS KSF?

The course contributes to the development of knowledge and understanding for the KSF Core Dimensions:

  • General 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8
  • Health and Well Being 1, 2, 4 and 5
  • Iinformation and Knowledge 2 and 3


Work-based health inclusion project proposal.

Eligibility to access Level 6 or 7 assessment will be determined upon application. Level 6 study applicants must hold a minimum of a Diploma of Higher Education or equivalent and Level 7 study applicants must hold a minimum of a first Degree or equivalent. Please indicate clearly your intended level of study on application. Academic credits from this course may be transferred into other BSc/MSc Professional Programmes at UH.

Why choose this course?

Download the course leaflet for Enabling Health Inclusion for Service Users

How to apply

Apply for the The Learning Disabilities – Enabling Health Inclusion for Service Users course

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Course fees

Credit / level for this course

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Contract funding for NHS staff

The University is contracted by the NHS to provide post-registration education/CPD and training for its health professionals. If you are an NHS employee contact the senior manager responsible for post-registration education/CPD in your Trust to check if the course you wish to attend can be supported by the Trust's contract with our University.

Teaching methods

Where is the module taught and by whom?

The module is taught at the College Lane Campus and is facilitated by lecturers with expertise in the area from the University and invited external speakers

Computer Equipment Requirement

Delivery of the module will incorporate blended learning which aims to combine e-learning activities with campus-based learning. You will therefore need to have access to a suitable personal computer and a good reliable Internet connection (broadband recommended). Most modern PCs or Macs (less than 3 years old) should be suitable. If you have any queries or need any additional support with IT skills, the School employs an e-learning technologist who will be pleased to help and advise you.

Study routes

  • Part Time