Our Donors

On this page we will showcase just one of the many donors that support the University of Hertfordshire, refreshing regularly to illustrate the range of supporters the University has. Our current donor profile is of former governor Colin Gordon.

Colin Gordon

BackgroundColin Gordon

Colin’s long career began with periods as a management consultant specialising in industrial and human relations. In 1977 he joined International Distillers & Vintners, ending up as Worldwide Strategy Director.

As chief executive of Kenwood plc he completely restructured and repositioned the company. He is a non-executive chairman of PJ Pipe & Valve Co Ltd, a local engineering firm and spent four years as a non-executive director of the West Herts NHS Hospital Trust.

Why the University of Hertfordshire?

Colin was a governor of the University for 12 years and spent two years as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors. He was also chair of the Finance Committee.

Along with his wife Sue, Colin believes that higher education is vital in determining one’s life chances and the thought that they might help a few individuals to achieve their potential against the odds seemed a very worthwhile investment.

Supporting the University

The couple have funded a scholarship which was specifically set up to help students in Hertfordshire who may need extra financial support to access higher education.

The award of £1000 for each year of study helps with some of the additional costs incurred whilst completing a degree course.

Haider Kahn graduated in September 2016 with a first class joint honours in BA (Hons) Business and Law.

'The scholarship has allowed me to get the most out of my University experience, taking the financial burden off an individual like me, and helped me to succeed to the highest level. I hope one day I am also able to help someone the way the scholarship has helped me.'

Colin and Sue have found it personally very rewarding to see the difference they can make and are happy to have made the decision to donate.

Words of advice

There are a range of options from personal involvement to financial donations. Colin believes that wider support is essential for the university sector, particularly for newer universities such as the University of Hertfordshire.


If Colin's story has inspired you to support the University, please contact Harriet Bayliss, Head of Development and Alumni Relations on +44(0)1707 281273 for more information about any of the University’s fundraising activities.