The Media Research Group

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The Media Research Group is a cluster of practitioners and academics working in the field of visual and screen media.

This research group recognises that, while all media forms develop as discrete entities, they are also increasingly dependent upon one another. 

At our core is a commitment to dynamic interaction, not only between practitioners and theorists, but also within the various media forms represented within the research group. 

The Group is made up of photographers, animators, interactive, digital, trans-media and inter-media specialists, video game and comic designers, film and TV practitioners, media and cultural theorists and researchers. 

Our membership is wide-ranging and inter-disciplinary and has a common interest in all media forms. 

Research Areas:

  • film and television
  • new media, transmedia, multi-platforming and narrative
  • digital gaming
  • cult TV and film
  • children’s and youth television
  • art, science and consciousness
  • animation
  • kinetic typography, motion graphics and costume
  • traditions of the spectacle - from theatre through phantasmagoria to theme parks and beyond
  • experimental and interactive fiction, poetry and poetics
  • multimedia and live performance, physical computing
  • experimental digital comics & hypercomics
  • digital archiving and databases - storage of content, metadata tags, asset management and delivery
  • photography, video, printmaking and painting
  • architecture and place branding