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The FilmHub is a new vehicle for academic/industry collaboration in film hosted at the University of Hertfordshire's CERC. It will encourage joint working between, on the one hand, academics across the disciplines active in film and, on the other hand, industry and policymakers. The goal is that academic research can inform evidence-based decision-making on film business and policy issues. In addition, FilmHub will facilitate opportunities for the academic community in working more closely with industry.

FilmHub will be open to academics in all HEIs and across relevant departmental areas, including business, creative arts, film studies, education, psychology and neuroscience. It will act as a focal point for exchange of knowledge and for networking as well as for creation of key agendas for the sector. We will work closely with existing players, including research councils, trade associations and key bodies such as British Film Institute and Creative Skillset.

FilmHub will continue the agendas of the highly successful symposium, Research and Policymaking for Film, presented by the University of Hertfordshire, in association with Available Light Advisory and the British Film Institute. The event was held at NESTA in October 2011, as an industry event of the 2011 BFI London Film Festival, and was attended by 60 individuals – approximately half from academia and half from industry.

Read minutes from the Research and Policymaking for Film event.

The DCMS requested a summary of the day to feed into the 2011-12 Film Policy Review, which was ongoing at the time.

We will shortly be launching a number of FilmHub initiatives, including:

  • Open Film Data – a project to encourage more data on the financing and performance of feature films to be made available for analysis by industry, policymakers and financiers.
  • The Future of the Past – an exploration of the innovation potential of moving image archive footage.