Employ staff through a Degree Apprenticeship programme

Invest in the future of your business

Degree Apprenticeships will be provided by employers in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire; they will be delivered and assessed through a combination of in-company work-based projects and time studying at the University and will help you invest in the future of your business by bridging the skills gaps of your employees.

What the apprenticeship levy means for you

In April 2017, the government will introduce a mandatory apprenticeship levy for all employers with a pay bill over £3 million each year. Employers will be able to benefit from this investment by giving students industry experience whilst qualifying with a degree apprenticeship programme.

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What are the benefits to employers?

  • Development of a dedicated and loyal workforce
  • Opportunities to bridge skills gaps within your company
  • Improved productivity through investment in employees’ futures
  • Immediate application of new skills in the workplace
  • Significant support with up to two thirds government funding

Courses will be suitable for people both with considerable work experience and those who are just entering the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers:

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Invest in the future of your business

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