Develop your people

A successful business needs employees that are focused, well-trained and highly motivated and the University of Hertfordshire can help prepare your organisation to be better positioned to develop a dynamic culture that fosters great productivity, produces fresh ideas and boosts the bottom line.  

With a huge capability in training and development, we can provide what you need through:  

Align business with learning

We bring learning into business by creating bespoke courses and training packages around the needs of your organisation and employees as well as accrediting current in house run courses that count towards a formal academic award.

  • Business Academy - breakfast briefings

    Build your networks and knowledge

    Keep up-to-date with what's new and what's on offer at the Hertfordshire Business School with our series of Business Academy events. 

    Simply choose a business topic that interests you and register your attendance.

    Our series of events covers a range of relevant and diverse business topics for business owners as well as management issues for working professionals and executives.

    Find out the Business Academy can accelerate your business knowledge and networks.

  • New Degree Apprenticeships - Coming 2016!

    The University of Hertfordshire will launch two new Degree Apprenticeship programmes in 2016. Individuals accepted onto the scheme will have the opportunity to study part-time and to gain a degree BSc (Hons) whilst undertaking their full time jobs.

    The apprenticeship will be provided by their employer in partnership with the University: this means that it will be delivered and assessed through a combination of in-company work-based projects and time studying with the University.

    The benefit of this approach is that everything they learn can be immediately applied to the workplace. The apprentice will start adding value to their organisation straight away and although there are fees related to the costs of training, the new funding available through the Government means that there will be no cost to the individual apprentice themselves and their employer could be entitled to access significant incentives to support with any fees.

    The programmes will be suitable for people both with considerable work experience and those who are just entering the workforce.

    Apprentices will gain a degree as well as significant on-the-job experience, becoming highly valued employees in the process.

    The Hertfordshire programmes will initially focus on two subjects - Management (by the Business School) and Digital & Technology Solutions with specialisms in Software Engineering or Network Engineering (by the School of Computer Science), but it is likely that it will expand in the future to cover more areas.

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