Knowledge Exchange

KTPEvery business aiming to grow reaches a time when it needs to evolve.

Combining an exciting new problem with fresh minds to create something original is at the heart of knowledge transfer.

Collaborations between academic institutions and business foster innovation and stimulate growth. Its goal is to transfer expert know-how and skills into the company, and provide new challenges and ideas to the University.

What is Knowledge Exchange?

Knowledge Exchange is an exchange of learning that benefits all partners.

Businesses gain new expertise, be it in technology, design or process. Together with their academic partners, a company creates a new way of working, strengthening their future by bringing this new knowledge in-house and developing the talents of its people.

At the same time, these partnerships drive universities to new, up-to-the-minute research and contribute to teaching excellence.

Knowledge Exchange options

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

    Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a national scheme helping businesses access academic expertise and facilities with the support of government grant funding. KTPs are 3-way collaborations between a business, a university and an exceptional graduate (KTP Associate), to tackle a strategic project that develop new capabilities to meet the business’ growth goals.

    The KTP Associate is employed by the University and based within the company to deliver on the project in-house, mentored and guided by an academic expert.

    Costs and eligibility

    KTPs are heavily subsidised by government grants via the principal sponsor, Innovate UK. Projects involving small and medium sized companies receive a grant to cover up to 67% of the basic project costs whilst projects involving large organisations receive up to 50% of the basic project costs.

    To be eligible for funding support, an organisation needs to:

    have been trading for 2 years or more
    demonstrate profitability
    employ 10 or more full-time staff
    have potential for growth
    have a project in need of expertise you don't have in-house

    The project must also satisfy the central criteria for all KTPs.

    Find out more information on KTP or contact the Knowledge Transfer Team.

    The Knowledge Transfer Team

    Our dedicated Knowledge Transfer Team offers free support throughout the KTP application process including Partnership building, grant application and proposal writing and recruiting the Associate. Get in touch to discuss your needs and our KT team will find the right expertise for you and help get your project started.

    KTP Best of the Best Award 2014

  • Knowledge for Business

    The University of Hertfordshire’s own knowledge transfer product, Knowledge for Business (K4B) opens up academic expertise to those that want more flexibility in their project or that don’t meet the KTP criteria.

    An academic expert typically spends half a day a week training your staff in new techniques and delivering new knowledge through a defined project that lead to the company developing new products, improve process, create strategic and tactical marketing plans or reduce costs. K4B’s can run from 1 month to 12 months, and are paid for in full by the company.


    Certain projects can benefit from a graduate or post-graduate intern, employed to work as a full or part-time project manager within the organisation alongside current staff. Their purpose is to help embed new knowledge created into the company, overseen by academic expertise.

    Contact Business Development to find out more about Knowledge for Business.

  • Knowledge Transfer Associates

    Are you a recently qualified graduate?

    Do you want to work on a challenging project central to the development needs of a company supported by an academic?

    If so, a position as a KTP Associate may be for you!

    Projects last between 12 and 36 months and around 70% of Associates are offered permanent employment by the host company at the end of the project.

    What is KTP?

    KTP overseas a range of projects designed to help companies grow; these projects are fully supported by a team of academics and last from 1 to 3 years.

    Examples include:

    designing and launching new products and services
    improving quality systems and technologies
    developing strategies to help the business enter new markets

    What does this mean for me?

    offers you a great platform to launch your career
    provides you with support for training including a dedicated development budget and the potential to gain a professional qualification and/or higher degree
    launches you into the workplace with an industry standard salary
    gives you the opportunity to own and drive forward an exciting project

    As a KTP Associate you will be:

    employed by the University, but be based in the partner company
    supported by the University and company staff
    a key member of the team, managing and delivering a strategic and commercially important project
    have an excellent chance of being offered a permanent position at the end of the project.

More information

To find out more about KTPs and how we can help your business, contact the Business Development team, email us at, or call+44 (0)1707 286406.

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Read thecase study

Our expectations of the KTP were exceeded. Marketing is now integral to the functioning of the company.

-John Moore, Finance Director, Secomak Limited