qPCR plant pathogen service

Airborne detection of plant pathogens using qPCR

We are working in collaboration with UH-based plant pathologists to develop a commercial service that offers rapid and reliable quantification of the organisms responsible for crop spoilage. Using PCR / qPCR  molecular biology techniques we are developing the capability to provide early warning alerts for the presence of seasonal pathogens, such as the Oil Seed Rape canker-causing Leptosphaeria  maculans and Leptosphaeria Biglobosa.Laminar flow cabinet

  • Nucleic acids have been purified from a number of tapes, obtained from a field experiment, that had been shown by microscopy to contain a range of spore numbers
  • In PCR assays, tapes were shown to contain L. maculans and L. Biglobosa using conventional species-specific PCRs. Further optimisation is ongoing

Oilseed rape