Science Learning Centre

Science Learning CentreThe Science Learning Centre (SLC) at Bayfordbury is a shared educational facility run by the University of Hertfordshire in partnership with:

  • Association for Science Education
  • Hertfordshire LEA
  • SETPOINT Hertfordshire
  • Teacher Scientist Network, Norfolk

The centre is fully-equipped with:

  • ICT integration
  • high-quality laboratories PLUS specialist briefing rooms
  • an impressive auditorium
  • a video conferencing suite

The formation of the Regional Science Learning Centre was facilitated by a grant to the University of Hertfordshire written by Jim Collett and Jim Hough in 2001.

Expanding the Observatory experience

There are many benefits to the SLC and the Observatory sharing the same location:

  • The roof of the SLC is currently home to the AllSky Cameras, photometers, a scanning infrared radiometer and other monitoring equipment run as part of Bayfordbury's atmospherics observatory by the University's Centre for Atmospheric and Instrumentation Research (CAIR).
  • The SLC and the Observatory share a 22-seat planetarium - a major feature of our outreach events.
  • An auditorium, two laboratories and a restaurant area use during public open evenings.
  • Together they can offer students, staff and visitors one of the finest educational and research facilities in the country.