Human resources

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Our undergraduate courses:


Teaching and research

The HR Subject Group is involved in teaching, research and related activities in HR and associated subject areas. Broadly these are subjects that have a people/human dimension to them in the context of work and employment, including:

  • HRM
  • Training and Development
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Psychology and Sociology of Work
  • Employee Relations Leadership and Management
  • International HRM

Members of the group are research-active, both as part of their own activities and through their membership of the relevant research institutes, including the Work and Employment Research Unit (WERU) and the Management and Strategy Research Unit (MASRU).

Research interests encompass comparative HRM, crossing the academic/practitioner divide in HRM, public sector leadership and management, diversity, industrial relations and trade union studies.

We also actively contributes towards commercial development in the Business School including business research, consultancy and short-course work.

Recent clients have included the NHS, the Learning and Skills Council, the Maltese Government, the EU, the European Federation of Public service Unions, the National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls and the Royal Academy of Engineering.