While your child is attending university

Student centreKeeping in touch

Staying in touch may be important to you, but it might not always be top of the agenda for your son or daughter.

Mobile phones and texting will probably be the main way for you to keep in touch. It is rare to see a student around campus without their mobile phone.

All halls of residence have free wireless internet enabling you to speak to them online, using Skype or similar online services.

Uno busVisiting

We advise you give your child a few weeks to settle in to university life before you visit for the first time.

It can be hard for everyone, but visiting too soon might make the transition from living at home to living alone more difficult. Especially if your child is homesick.

To visit for the day, you can park your car at the park and ride service which runs to either campus every 7-8 minutes.

If you want to stay overnight, there are several hotels close to both campuses, including Travelodge, Ramada Hatfield, Beales Hotel plus local bed and breakfasts.

Interaction with the University

Your child is now an adult, and as such, we expect them to take responsibility for their own life while at University.

If any issues arise we ask that you encourage them to sort them out with us directly.

Where this is not possible, and you feel you need to be involved, please contact the Dean of Students for an authorisation form before we can talk to you about your child.

The University is a large organisation and in order to run smoothly there needs be rules.

Our Student Charter sets out our commitments to students and explains what is expected from them in return.

Read our Parent's Guide to Student Appeals, Complaints and Discipline leaflet for a summary.

Student centreStudent support

The University of Hertfordshire has lots of support available for your child.

Support is free and staff are all trained in their area of expertise.

Please encourage your child to access this support as soon as any issues arise.

Find out more about student support.

Extra curricular activities

Extra curricular activities are a vital part of any student's life. Participation can greatly enhance the student experience and provide essential skills and knowledge for when they enter the job market.

These can be work or activities that complement their course, such as a law student doing informal work experience in a legal firm, or a business student setting up their own small business.

There are also plenty of non-academic activities to get involved with that will give them a break from their studies, for example clubs and societies, sport, local places of interest, and volunteering.

Careers, Employment and Enterprise

Our Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service will support your child set themselves up to be the best they can be when securing that first step on their career ladder. We also provide opportunities for your child to spend time studying abroad.