Support for children attending University with a disability

StudentAt the University of Hertfordshire we understand how the worries about your child potentially leaving home may be greater if they have a disability.

You will naturally be worried about how they will cope and what support is available to them.

While we encourage independence from our students, Disability Services will work with your child, and you if required, to ensure their experience at the University of Hertfordshire is the best that it can be.

What our students say

Rebecca - first year Psychology student

I was keen to develop my knowledge of psychology that I gained at A level and saw the University of Hertfordshire as the best place to come and continue my studies.

I have cerebral palsy, but that didn't stop me coming to the University. I have a live-in carer and live in halls of residence on-campus. The live-in carer lets me get the most out of university life by helping me with day-to-day needs.

'Living on campus has been a great experience and given me huge independence.'

I attend lectures three times a week so living on-campus so close to my lecture rooms makes going into University really easy for me.

I receive a Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) which provides financial support for some of the additional expenses I may incur as a result of my disability. For extra support during my lectures, Disability Services have matched me with a note taker to help me with taking notes during in-class discussions.

The DSA funded a laptop and voice recorder to support me with my studies, both of which I find very useful.

I am very happy with the help I have received from the Disability Services at the University of Hertfordshire, it has made a real, practical difference.

'The Disability Services team have been really good at providing me with the support I need in order to access uni in the best way possible.'

Student with tutorOrgena - second year Social Work student

I have a disability that causes back pain and problems with my mobility. I was determined not to let those issues prevent me from coming to the University, and so I make full use of the services the University has on offer to make it possible.

'My disability has not got in the way of making new friends at the University of Hertfordshire, my classmates are very helpful and supportive.'

Using my Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), I travel to University in a taxi. My DSA also provides the funds for a notetaker to attend lectures with me and takes notes for me.

Special chairs are available around the University for students like me who have mobility difficulties and so I always make sure I book one of these before my lectures. These chairs let me sit more comfortably, allowing me to concentrate on the lecture.

If I am unable to attend a lecture, in exceptional circumstances permission can be granted for my note taker attend in my place and email the notes to me.

It is also easy for me to access any information I have missed and contact my lecturers for extra support through the University of Hertfordshire's student web portal Studynet.

If at times I struggle, my lecturers are happy to give me some extra help.

'I send my lecturers an email and ask for help, they are always happy to go through the subject again in more detail.'

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Visit Disability Support for more information.