Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS)

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What is CATS?

The Credit Accumulation and Transfer Programme (CATS) gives you the opportunity to select different subject areas to develop an individual but coherent programme that suits your own needs.

The purpose of the programme is to offer the flexibility for getting onto and studying higher education programmes and gaining higher education qualifications.

The flexibility of CATS is also valued by students who take up a period of study at the University of Hertfordshire as part of an organised Exchange Programme.

The University's Flexible Credit Framework (FCF) uses the CATS programme to register students entering the framework to gain an award.

Find out how CATS works

Why choose a CATS course?

The Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS) Programme can help you:

  • Gain a higher education qualification
  • Claim credit for prior studies
  • Improve your career prospects by updating your skills
  • Develop new skills and build on existing ones
  • Prepare for return to work or change direction
  • Widen your knowledge and broaden your interests

Who is CATS for?

The unique structure of the CATS programme means that it is appropriate for people with a wide range of needs, from those wishing to study for an Honours degree, Masters or other Postgraduate award to those who wish to study for interest only.

What our CATS students say

What our CATS students say

I have studied quite a lot before and did my teacher training through the University.

-Scott Rickard, CATS student