7 March 2013

West Herts Community Free Schools Trust is running a family event on Saturday 16 March to offer the local community a chance to find out about new proposed primary schools coming to Watford in September 2014. The Trust, which the University of Hertfordshire is part of, aims to open the new schools to meet the rising demand for reception places in the local area.

The new schools

Two free schools have been proposed in Watford, one near West Herts College and the other on the new Ascot Road development. The schools will respond to what local people say they want and need, and will form part of the local community of schools. Subject to approval they will be funded directly by the government. Ross Renton, Dean of Students at the University of Hertfordshire, said: "The event is a great opportunity for local people to find out about the proposed schools and have their say about the developments taking place in their community. At University of Hertfordshire, we thoroughly support the initiative and believe in the importance of providing children with a first class education."

Improving lives

The Trust is made up from educational professionals, parents and representatives from the University of Hertfordshire, West Herts College, Hertfordshire County Council, Francis Combe Academy and Squirrels Day Nurseries. It aims to improve the current and future lives of local children and families and to be amongst the highest performing schools both nationally and in Hertfordshire. Ross continued: "The Trust has been overwhelmed by the amount of parental support for the new schools, which has been gathered by holding community events like these, talking to community groups and holding promotional events in the local town centres."

More information

The event will take place at West Herts College in Watford on Saturday 16 March between 10am – 12pm. To find out more about the event, please visit the West Herts Community Free Schools website. Alternatively, you can visit their page on Facebook or follow on Twitter at@WHCFSTrust