5 June 2013

Engineering students at the University of Hertfordshire have unveiled their most technologically advanced car to date in a bid to be the first British team to win Formula Student 2011 outright, which takes place at Silverstone between 14-17 July.

UH Racing, part of the School of Engineering and Technology, have for the first time combined final year Masters students and undergraduates to build a single Class 1 car to enter into the global competition. By merging all their Formula Student activities into one, the team’s large knowledge base will allow them to further develop last year’s model, explore a much wider range of design concepts, and complete a thorough testing plan.

Dr Howard Ash, senior lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, said: “Last year UH Racing placed 5th overall in the combustion class taking the UK title as well as competing with their second generation electric car. This year, the students have opted to develop a single combustion powered car; it is the ultimate opportunity to showcase our students as the most technically advanced.”

Formula Student sees teams from across the world design, engineer and manufacture racing models. UH Racing will this year take part in both 2011 Formula Student and Formula Student Germany competitions, electing to compete in the combustion class.

UH Racing team leader, Clare Cletheroe said: “I am proud to lead a strong team this year. We are working hard, currently focusing on performance and validation testing, and have used automotive/racing car simulator technology to analyse different vehicle setups before the car even hit the test track. The drivers also use the simulator to perfect their style and improve their performance on the track; second place is not an option!”For further information visit the University of Hertfordshire’s UH Racing website.