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Flagship Lecture: Information and Insight into Autism


Ros Blackburn is an adult with autism. At three months old she appeared withdrawn, isolated and very much in a world of her own. At eighteen months she was diagnosed severely autistic but with average intellectual ability. Ros now lectures nationally and internationally, giving insight into her own experiences as well as the care and education practices she has observed.

In this talk, Ros will draw on her experience of living with severe autism and her considerable experience both as a recipient of services and increasingly as an observer of education and care approaches. Ros brings a perspective that is unique and yet speaks to all her audience: people with an autism spectrum disorder, carers, families, educators and the planners and providers of these services. She explores with humour and passion the 'mistakes' from which she has had to learn and some of her coping strategies. From these she is able to offer helpful advice on practical strategies (and even more helpful advice on what not to do!)

Ros hopes that all who attend her talks find them helpful and informative but above all, that the experience is entertaining and full of fun.

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