Solution-focused, enactive and narrative practice research conference: Theory in action, practice in focus.

Orienting Solutions 2013

 SFCT in association with the University of Hertfordshire

This conference explicitly connects the existing non-pathologising and language focused practices of solution-focused (SF), narrative and discursive therapies with recent theoretical developments in enactivism, Wittgensteinian, narrative and discursive psychology. 

SF therapy has been seen in the past as a neat practical twist for working with clients.  This conference is about setting SF work in a wider landscape of ideas, to show this simple practice in a richer and more compelling light. SFCT logo

We also seek connections with academics and others looking for practical aspects of post-structural linguistics and enactive/embodied cognition.
We invite academics, practitioners, managers and policy makers to see both practice and theory in a new light.   The event is a collaboration between SFCT and the philosophy and nursing/social work departments at UH. 

This event is a start to building better and more useful connections between theory and practice.
The conference will present and build dialogues around these topics:

  • The future of therapeutic practice from non-pathologising, enactive and post-structural perspectives
  • The latest research into SF work in all fields – therapy, social work, educational and organisational contexts
  • Different conceptions of ‘theory’ and how it can play a role in the famously atheoretical  world of SF practice
  • Different modes of research which can be applied in this area
  • Latest developments in enactive, embodied and narrative thinking
  • Issues for future policy in health and other circles
  • Further ways to develop connections between academic s and practitioners for the benefit of all concerned.

Prof Dan Hutto and Daniele Moyal-Sharrock are leading members of the organising committee.
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de Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire