Guidelines for Testing Psychic Claimants

Guidelines for testing psychic claimants

Richard Wiseman and Robert L. Morris

Many people claim to be psychic, including palm readers, astrologers, mediums and faith healers. Health professionals, law enforcement agents and scientists may wish to examine these claimants or assess the quality of investigations carried out by others, but until now no procedures have existed outlining how such work should proceed. This book tackles the issues involved, providing pragmatic and flexible guidelines to help researchers identify and resolve the problems that most frequently occur during the assessment of individuals claiming strong psychic ability.

"Admirably level-headed and unsensational. Essential for anyone investigating psychic claims"

Fortean Times

"Get yourself a copy"

The Skeptic

Author Information

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ISBN-10 0-900458-58-5

ISBN-13 978-0-900458-58-3

January 1995, 72pp

Paperback £9.99


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