Awards ceremonies

Students at the Award Ceremony.

Registration for the March postgraduate ceremonies is now closed. 

More details about the September and December awards ceremonies are available through the event pages. 

This information is aimed at graduates of the University of Hertfordshire who are eligible to attend an awards ceremony.

Attendance is by registration only. You need to register here and clear any Academic debt by a deadline date in order to attend, both of these are compulsory.

There is no charge for graduates to attend. A fee is payable for guests at the time of registration.

When can I register my attendance?

Once you have met all of the eligibility criteria a reminder will be sent to the email address the University has for you. Please check this address is up to date via your student record. You do not need to wait for this email to register your attendance if you meet all of the eligibility criteria.

How will I know if I've successfully completed my registration?

Go to your registration and complete the registration process. You have been successful when you receive a confirmation email from the University (and the payment provider if you have paid for any guests). It is important, therefore, that you enter a valid email address when registering your attendance.

When are the awards ceremonies?

  • March ceremonies: Monday 9 - Saturday 14 March 2015
  • September ceremonies: Monday 7 - Wednesday 15 September 2015
  • December ceremonies: Saturday 12 December 2015

For further details see more on forthcoming ceremonies.

What if I am unable to log in on the registration page?

Check you meet all of the eligibility criteria. If you can't log in to register because you owe the University money this must be cleared before the deadline date. Contact the Finance Department to arrange payment or enquire whether you have an outstanding financial matter if you are unsure.
If you are eligible and still unable to register you must contact us before the dates below to guarantee enough time for us to investigate your circumstances:

  • Enquiries for the Postgraduate awards ceremonies in March: Friday 9 January 2015